Updated: 22-Nov-2006 February 2006

1 Feb 2006
Statement by the Secretary General on end of NATO mission in Pakistan
Bagh, Pakistan
Today, the NATO mission to help the people of Pakistan, after last October’s terrible earthquake, has come to an end. Our personnel have left the affected zone around Bagh, on schedule.
3 Feb 2006
NATO and New Zealand to enhance cooperation
Visiting NATO HQ on 3 February, New Zealand Defence Minister Phil Goff signed with the NATO Secretary General an agreement on the exchange of classified information.
4 Feb 2006
Solidarity key to security, says NATO Secretary General
In a major speech at the Munich Security Conference, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said political, military and financial solidarity was the key to dealing with today’s security challenges.
5 Feb 2006
NATO team joins Russian ship crew
On 5 February, a team of NATO naval experts joined the crew of a Russian navy cruiser, to assist in preparing Russian units to join NATO’s naval anti-terrorism operation in the Mediterranean , Active Endeavour .
5 Feb 2006
Statement on the attacks on Scandinavian embassies
I strongly condemn the attacks that have taken place on Scandinavian embassies in Syria and Lebanon. While I understand that many Muslims have been offended by the recently published editorial cartoons, there is absolutely no justification for this violence, nor can the freedom of the press in our countries ever be called in any way into question.
7 Feb 2006
ISAF shows restraint during violent demonstrations in Meymaneh
On 7 February, a demonstration involving around 300 people took place outside the compound of the NATO-led ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team in Meymaneh, Northern Afghanistan.
8 Feb 2006
NATO support to Winter Olympics in Turin
At the request of the Italian government, NATO has agreed to provide air security support in the vicinity of Turin during the Winter Olympics between 10 and 26 February.
8 Feb 2006
Exercise in Greece to test intelligence interoperability
A major exercise to be held in Greece in November this year will test NATO countries’ capability to share real-time intelligence to support operations, including counterterrorism.
10 Feb 2006
NATO and Mediterranean Defence Ministers look to enhancing cooperation
On 10 February, Defence Ministers from the 26 NATO countries and Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia discussed reinforcing practical cooperation at a historic first meeting in Taormina.
10 Feb 2006
NATO-Russia defence ministers discuss priorities for 2006
NATO-Russia Council defence ministers met informally in Taormina, Italy, on 10 February. They exchanged views on the state of NATO-Russia defence cooperation and on priorities for the rest of 2006 and beyond.
10 Feb 2006
Ministers underscore commitment to NATO Response Force
Meeting in Taormina, Italy, 9-10 February, NATO Defence Ministers discussed the steps necessary to ensure that NATO’s 25,000-strong expeditionary Response Force is fully up and running by the end of this year.
14 Feb 2006
Conference examines NATO-Egypt relations
On 14-15 February 2006, NATOs Public Diplomacy Division and the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs (ECFA) co-sponsored a conference on NATO and Egypt: A dialogue .
15 Feb 2006
Retraining centre inaugurated in Ukraine
During a ceremony on 15 February a NATO-supported Resettlement and Retraining Centre was inaugurated in Khmelnytsky, to help Ukraine deal with the consequences of defence reform.
16 Feb 2006
NATO Secretary General visits Poland
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer discussed the Alliances transformation and key issues such as energy security with Polands top officials during a one-day visit to Warsaw, 16 February.
17 Feb 2006
Worlds largest submarine exercise tackles terrorism
From 17 February to 1 March 2006, ten NATO countries will take part in the worlds largest anti-submarine exercise, Noble Manta, which will also focus on defence against terrorism.
17 Feb 2006
NATO and Russia tackle terror at sea
On 17 February, NATO and Russia completed the first part of training aimed at preparing the Russian Navy to take part in NATO’s naval counter-terrorist operation in the Mediterranean , Active Endeavour.
17 Feb 2006

Conference on Russia and NATO: Towards Effective Cooperation

On 17 and 18 February, the faculty of International Relations of the St. Petersburg State University celebrated its 10 th anniversary with an international conference on Russia and NATO: Towards Effective Cooperation in the Changing World.
20 Feb 2006

Testing effects-based operations

A major multinational experiment being held in simulation centres across the globe from 20 February to 17 March is testing new ways of sharing information before, during and after operations.
21 Feb 2006
NATO Secretary General visits Italy
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer visited Rome on 21 February to mark the 40th anniversary of NATO's Defence College in the city, and for meetings with the countrys leadership.
22 Feb 2006
Developing better, lighter body armour
A team of scientists from the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine are beginning work on a NATO Science for Peace project on “Light Weight and Transparent Armours”, which aims to develop a new generation of body armour material.
22 Feb 2006
Winter Academy in Lviv
The National Ivan Franko University of Lviv organised its third yearly Winter Academy for students from 22 to 24 February 2006, with the support of the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine . The event focused on the theme of “ NATO, Security and New Democracies: Current Cooperation and Future Prospects”.
24 Feb 2006
Taking stock of Pakistan relief mission
In a special interview, the Commander of the NATO Disaster Relief team in Pakistan, Andrew Walton, explains the role and impact of NATO's disaster assistance to Pakistan.