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26 Apr 2005


NATO to discuss supporting African Union in Darfur

20-21/04/05 - Vilnius
Informal meeting of Foreign Ministers
20-21/04/05 - Vilnius
Vilnius meeting broadens Alliance’s political agenda

On 26 April, following a request by the African Union, NATO has agreed to open exploratory talks on possible Alliance logistic support to the African Union’s peacekeeping operation in Darfur.

The President of the African Union, Alpha Oumar Konare, made the request for consultations in a letter to the NATO Secretary General on 26 April.

The President suggested that the African Union Secretariat and NATO Headquarters begin discussions on the possibilities of NATO providing logistical support to the African Union.

Nations agreed that talks should begin,” said NATO Spokesman James Appathurai, “to ensure transparency and co-ordination where necessary with the European Union and United Nations, and that these consultations should go forward in a pragmatic way.

President Konare is due to visit Brussels on 17 May.