Updated: 04-May-2005 NATO Update

21 Apr. 2005
Ukraine to support NATO’s Mediterranean
anti-terrorist operation
Programme of Informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers (IFM 2005) Vilnius, Lithuania 20-21 April 2005
NATO-Ukraine relations

At a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Vilnius on 21 April, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister signed with the NATO Secretary General an exchange of letters on Ukraine’s contribution to Operation Active Endeavour.

The exchange of letters opens the way for Ukrainian support to the NATO-led operation, the Alliance’s first-ever operation under Article V, NATO’s mutual defence clause.

Under Operation Active Endeavour NATO ships are patrolling the Mediterranean to detect, deter and protect against terror activity, and providing escorts to non-military shipping through the Straits of Gibraltar.

Ukraine’s support to the operation may take many forms – intelligence cooperation, access to or assistance with specific military assets.