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8-11 Mar. 2005


AWACS help guard skies
over Madrid anti-terror conference

NATO's contribution
to the fight against terrorism
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International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security

NATO radar aircraft will monitor the skies over Madrid during the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security, 8-11 March.

The AWACS – or Airborne Warning and Control Systems – are modified Boeing 707s (called E-3A), equipped with special radar capable of detecting air traffic over large distances and at low altitudes.

The aircraft was requested by the Spanish authorities, as part of the security arrangements for the event.

AWACS have been used previously for major public events. This was the case for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the “Euro 2004” European football championship in Portugal, the Royal Wedding of Crown Prince Felipe in Madrid in May 2004, as well as important meetings held by other international organisations.

NATO AWACS also support security for Summits, such as the meeting of Alliance Heads of State and Government in Istanbul in June 2004.