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22 June 2004

Iraqi government requests assistance from NATO

26/06/2004 - NATO
Statement by NATO Secretary General
NATO Istanbul Summit
NATO and Iraq
24/06/2004 - NATO
Press Conference by NATO Secretary General
24/06/2004 - NATO
Press Conference by NATO Secretary General
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In a letter sent to the NATO Secretary General on 22 June, the interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ilyad Allawi requested NATO support through training and other forms of technical assistance.

The letter is the first formal contact between the Alliance and the interim Iraqi administration. It requests Alliance assistance in developing the country’s security forces after the transfer from the US-led coalition to Iraq on 30 June, as well as other forms of technical assistance.

The Secretary General has forwarded the request to NATO member countries. The issue will be discussed at the Summit meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government in Istanbul, 28 and 29 June.

At present, NATO does not have a direct role in the international stabilisation force in Iraq. So far, it has been providing support to Poland, which is leading a multinational division in Iraq's central province, in the form of force generation, secure communications, logistics, movement coordination, intelligence and logistics expertise.