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16 June 2004

NATO guards skies over Euro 2004

13/05/2004 - NATO
AWACS support in Portugal and Spain
High resolution photos of AWACS aircraft
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Euro 2004
NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force
As the European 2004 football championship kicked-off this past weekend, NATO’s AWACS radar aircraft took to the skies over Portugal to patrol against possible terrorist threats.

The Airborne Early Warning Aircraft (AWACS) aircraft were officially requested by Portugal to enhance airspace security for the championship. They will patrol the skies over the match venues until the end of the tournament.

These special NATO-owned radar aircraft are capable of detecting air traffic at great distances, including low-flying aircraft over all different types of terrain and give directions to friendly aircraft operating in the same area.

Their deployment will enhance the protection of the civilian population and football spectators of the tournament are better guaranteed.