Last update: 14-Jun-2004 10:43 NATO Update

6-11 June 2004

Exercise Ample Train

A live logistics exercise is taking place, 6-11 June, in Oerland, Norway, involving approximately 300 personnel from ten different NATO member countries.

The aim of Exercise Ample Train is to focus specifically on logistics and provide training for intensive fighter aircraft ground crew, free from the pressures of a normal air exercise. In concrete terms, ground crew personnel is being trained in duties such as refuelling, carrying out pre and post flight safety checks, and ensuring weapon safety if the aircraft is armed. These crews are also training to work with personnel from different NATO member countries with a view to improving, in the long run, interoperability between the air forces.

Exercise Ample Train is the only logistics exercise organised by Allied Command Operations. It is being conducted by the Commander, Allied Air Forces North, Ramstein, Germany.