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11 Feb. 2004

Danish royal at NATO HQ

03/02/2004 - NATO
Visit of H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
to NATO Headquarters on Wednesday, 11 February 2004
H.R.H., Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark came to NATO HQ on 11 Feburary for the first time.

After a bilateral meeting with Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, he participated in the weekly meeting of the North Atlantic Council during which he delivered a speech. The Crown Prince stated that in the 55th year of its existence, NATO remains relevant in today's security environment. For Denmark, he said, transatlantic relations are as important now as in the past, stressing the trust, shared responsibilities and mutual respect that lay between both continents.

The Crown Prince also met the Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee, Vice Admiral Malcolm I. Fages.

Wednesday 11 February 2004
Arrival of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark   .WMV/841kb  
Opening statement by NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer ENG .WMV/1720kb .MP3/1026Kb
Address by his Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Denmark ENG .WMV/3467kb .MP3/2078Kb