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26 Nov. 2003

Developing information policies in Ukraine

NATO-Ukraine relations

The third part of a series of four seminars on education and NATO-related issues took place in Odessa on 26 November 2003, at the Odessan Military Institute of Land Forces.

This event was organised for representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior, the Security Services, the Ministry of Civil Emergencies and the Border guards.

It explored ways and means of developing an information policy within security structures in Ukraine while security and defence reforms are being implemented in the country. Particular attention was given to the potential role of non-governmental organisations in this process.

Representatives from several NATO countries and a number of independent experts also attended the meeting, which was co-sponsored by the Atlantic Council of Ukraine and the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Kyiv. The last seminar in this series is to take place in Kharkiv on 15 December 2003.