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21 Nov. 2003

Organisations must work together
to defeat terror says Robertson

20/11/2003 - NATO
NATO Secretary General to visit Spain and Portugal - Friday, 21 November 2003
20/11/2003 - NATO
NATO Secretary General expresses outrage at terrorist attacks in Istanbul
On a visit to Spain and Portugal on 21 November, the NATO Secretary General said the attacks in Istanbul highlighted the need for more cooperation between international organisations in fighting terrorism.

Lord Roberson was on a one-day farewell visit to Madrid and Lisbon, during which he discussed NATO’s transformation with the countries’ leaders and top officials. In Madrid the Secretary General also addressed the New Economy Forum of the Wall Street Journal Europe.

Speaking at a press conference in Madrid, the day after the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Lord Robertson said “organizations like NATO must work to the maximum with other organizations and on their own to defeat the scourge of terrorism and other threats to our security that will come this century.”

Lord Robertson also said that the Alliance must first succeed in Afghanistan before it can consider a role in Iraq. He added that he was confident that in the coming weeks NATO member countries would contribute the capabilities required to extend the NATO-led peacekeeping mission beyond Kabul.