Last update: 17-Nov-2003 18:44 NATO Update

6-7 Nov. 2003

Progress of Ukraine’s reform efforts reviewed

NATO-Ukraine relations
Two senior NATO bodies, the Political Committee and the Political-Military Steering Committee, visited Ukraine on 6 and 7 November to review progress in implementing the NATO-Ukraine Annual Target Plan for 2003.

The Annual Target Plan sets out specific Ukrainian measures as well as joint NATO-Ukraine actions to be pursued in 2003 in jointly agreed areas, covering political and economic issues, information issues, security, defence and military issues, information protection and security, and legal issues.

The visit aimed to take stock of progress achieved to date ahead of further discussions. Members of the two committees also took part in two events organised by the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine in cooperation with a local NGO, the Civic League NATO-Ukraine. The first workshop, organised in Kiev on 7 November at the Institute for International Relations of the University T. Shevchenko, focused on the prospects and challenges for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration and gave NGOs the opportunity to share their perspectives, opinions and concerns on the future of the Ukraine’s integration with Euro-Atlantic structures.

The second round-table was organised in Zhytomir, west of Kiev, and focused on the mutual benefits of NATO-Ukraine cooperation. The event included the opening of the first NATO information stand, at the Zhytomir Municipal Library, offering NATO documentation and publications in Ukrainian. The opening is part of a NATO-funded initiative to launch NATO information stands in major universities and municipal libraries in Ukraine.