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23 Oct 2003

Training and experimentation centre established in Norway

New NATO command structure
23/10/2003 -NATO
High resolution photos of the Inauguration Ceremony marking the Deactivation of Joint Headquarters North and the Activation of NATO's new Joint Warfare Centre, Mount Jåttå in Stavanger, Norway
Remarks by Admiral Admund P. Giambastiani Supreme Allied Commander, Transformation
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As part of the Alliance's transformation to meet today's new security threats, a new, cutting-edge Joint Warfare Centre was established in Stavanger, Norway on 23 October.

The high-tech Centre will contribute to developing NATO's military doctrine, training forces for new missions and experiment with equipment and tactics.

It is part of NATO's recently established Allied Command Transformation, based in Norfolk, United States, and tasked with overseeing the transformation of NATO's military capabilities to meet today's new threats.

The Stavanger Centre's main mission will be to train military staff from NATO member and partner countries for joint missions. It will also assist in the development and testing of new military concepts and equipment through simulations and state-of-the-art modelling.

The Centre replaces the joint operational NATO Headquarters North, which have been deactivated. A special ceremony was held to mark the inauguration of the Centre and attended by Norwegian Defence Minister Kristin Krohn Devold, Supreme Allied Commander Europe General James Jones, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Admiral Edmund P.Giambastini Jr.and the Director of the Centre, Lt. General Thorstein Skiaker.