Last updated: 29-Oct-2003 17:28 NATO Update

21 Oct 2003

PfP Education and training seminar 2003

Partnership for Peace

A Partnership for Peace Education and Training seminar was held in Graz, Austria, from 21 to 23 October. This year's event focused on the impact of NATO's new military command arrangements on the Alliance's education and training programmes for the military.

It brought together participants from NATO agencies and commands, in particular from the Allied Command Transformation which now leads the Alliance's educational and training activities within the military.

Participants were able to share their views and experiences on education and training and ways of harmonising activities. They also focused on the way-ahead for education and training within the Partnership for Peace programme and the future development of what is called the "PfP Training and Education Enhancement Programme (TEEP)".

The TEEP provides the political framework for improving training and education of the military in partner countries, with the specific aim of reinforcing the operational capabilities of these countries. One of its components is the development of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) or e-learning, and Simulation methodology. The workshop looked into ways of advancing the TEEP through the development of long distance learning on the Internet, which is key in helping to provide Allies and Partners with a multinational training and exercise environment.