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2-3 Oct 2003

A new agenda for military collaboration with Russia

NATO-Russia relations
An international conference on "Russia-NATO: Setting up a new agenda for military collaboration" was held in St Petersburg, 2-3 October.

The widened definition of security and its impact on the role of the military was discussed especially regarding non-military assignments, as well as the overall development of NATO-Russia cooperation under the NATO-Russia Council (NRC). It was noted that the quality of relations had improved since the establishment of the NRC but that there was still room for the development of practical projects. Defence reform in Russia and regional cooperation were also raised.

This was one of the first times that the Russian military actively participated in such an event, together with military representatives and academics from the Baltic states, northern Europe and representatives from NATO's Information Office and Military Liaison Mission in Moscow.

The conference was one in a series of events set up between Russia, the Baltic states and NATO. It was organised by the Baltic Club, a St Petersburg non-governmental organisation, the Danish Atlantic Association and NATO.