Updated: 01-Oct-2003 September 2003

29 Sept 2003


'Common values and commitments'

26/09/03 - NATO
Secretary General to visit Luxembourg
29/09/03 - NATO
Speech by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson at the Winston Churchill Lecture, Luxembourg

"…consensus starts from our common values and our common commitment to uniting the new Europe" stated Lord Robertson in a speech at the Churchill Memorial Society in Luxembourg, 29 September.

The Secretary General took the opportunity to state in his speech that despite disagreement over Iraq or ways of reinforcing European defence, issues over which members of the Alliance shared consensus far overweighed those it disagreed on: "…there is a wide consensus underpinning the 21st century Atlantic Alliance. A consensus which is robust and relevant, and will prove stronger than yesterday's tactical differences". He also firmly stressed that governments must improve the usability of their armed forces if they are to continue to commit their forces to other military assignments abroad.

Lord Robertson was visiting Luxembourg to meet government officials. He had meetings with Prime Minister Juncker, Foreign Minister Polfer, Defence Minister Goerens, as well as members of the Chamber of Deputies. He was also received by His Royal Highness the Grand Duke.