Updated: 23-Sep-2003 September 2003

15-26 Sept 2003


Exercise demonstrates NATO’s
maritime and amphibious capabilities

15/09/03 - EASTLANT
NATO Exercise demonstrates Maritime and Amphibious capability
09/09/03 - NRDC-IT
The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Italy
to take part in NORTHERN LIGHT 03
03/09/03 - IMS
NATO exercises a joint combined Task Force in Northern Europe
High resolution photos of Exercise Northern Light 2003, Scotland
NATO Response Force
Exercise website
Close to 8,500 military personnel from twelve NATO nations are taking part in Northern Light 2003, a major NATO crisis response exercise in the Irish Sea from 15 to 26 September.

The exercise will test the capability of NATO member forces to respond to a crisis situation. It will also demonstrate some of the maritime and amphibious capabilities that could be deployed as part of the new NATO Response Force (NRF).

In particular, the exercise will see the first activation of a NATO maritime Higher Readiness Force Headquarters, while amphibious and land troops will be tested in a landing on the beach of Luce Bay, Scotland on 20 September.

Seven new experimental projects will also be evaluated in the course of the exercise, including a nuclear, biological and chemical response team and laboratory.

NATO member countries Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States are taking part, as well as invitee partner nation Lithuania, and partner countries Sweden and Ukraine.

The entire exercise force will comprise 50 ships and submarines, 15 fighter aircraft, numerous military helicopters and approximately 800 amphibious and land troops.