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12 Sept 2003


Rocket attacks on ISAF installations

12/09/03 - ISAF
ISAF Commander speaks about rocket attacks on ISAF installations
12/09/03 - ISAF
Rocket attacks at ISAF
NATO in Afghanistan
Photos of damage from attack
ISAF website
Two rockets were fired at ISAF bases in Kabul on the evening of 11 September. One rocket hit Camp Warehouse, and the other landed near Camp Julien.

There were no casualties, but there was some minor damage caused by the explosion in Camp Warehouse. Investigations are underway into the attacks and to establish whether they were coordinated. These attacks are not the first of their kind: similar incidents have occurred, in particular, in March of this year when HQ ISAF was also attacked, but it is the first attack on ISAF since NATO took over on August 11.

"These attacks will no way deter ISAF from its resolve in continuing its mission. We knew there would be risks involved in this mission", said NATO Commander of ISAF, German Lt. Gen. Gliemeroth. He added, "In fact, this incident reminds us of why we are here - to help the Afghan Transitional Authority to increase stability here in Kabul and the surrounding areas".

Despite these isolated incidents, commercial and domestic activity has gradually been picking up and the general level of security improving since the arrival of ISAF in the country. Lord Robertson has recently initiated discussions on a further expansion of ISAF's mandate beyond Kabul and its surrounding areas. The attacks will not impact on these discussions and forces will continue to monitor and enforce active measures against further attacks.