Updated: 10-Sep-2003 September 2003

5 -19 Sept 2003


Exercise Air Meet 2003

NATO Air Meet 2003 website
HQ Airnorth website
A live air exercise, NATO Air Meet 2003, started in Poland on 5 September to train participants in tactical air operations.

This year, air forces from 15 NATO member countries are participating in the exercise. The aim is to focus on tactics for the use of composite air operations, with emphasis on the suppression of enemy air defences and electronic warfare.

The exercise is being conducted in two phases, from 5 to 19 and from 8 to 12 September, by Headquarters Allied Air Forces North, Ramstein, Germany. More than 80 different aircraft are being used, including tanker and airborne early warning aircraft and ground-based air defence systems. The aircraft are operating from Poznan Air Base and Powidz Air Base in Poland.