Updated: 10-Sep-2003 September 2003

2 Sept 2003


Planning Board for Ocean Shipping workshop

The 2003 Planning Board for Ocean Shipping (PBOS) Military Support Workshop was held on 2-4 September 2003 at the Soefartsstyrelsen (Danish Maritime Authority) in Copenhagen. It focused on two issues: analysis of fulltime charter and assured access contracts, to satisfy the sea-lift requirements identified in the Prague Capabilities Commitment; and proposals for alternative means to obtain shipping services from the commercial market to support military sea-lift requirements, including a NATO Hub System.

This was the first time that representatives from the countries invited to join NATO next year attended the PBOS Workshop. Experts, planners and national military authorities also participated in the event. Participants agreed that there is no single solution for obtaining sea-lift. They supported the efforts for obtaining transport services through alternative means and suggested that the various measures should preferably be interconnected within the framework of a total concept (“toolbox”) that is being developed and refined as the process goes forward. This “toolbox” can include fulltime charter, assured access contracts, liner services, and the Hub System.