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2 Sept 2003


Suspect terrorist arrested in Kabul

NATO in Afghanistan
02/09/03 - ISAF
Arrest of known terrorist in Police District nine
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In the morning of 1 September Afghan authorities, with the assistance of troops from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), arrested a suspect terrorist and criminal in Kabul.

In accordance with the Military Technical Agreement, which governs the conduct of ISAF, the actions taken were necessary and proper to protect the members of the ISAF and to forestall a potential attack against the Afghan people and ISAF and its mission. The arrest was made peacefully and several individuals are now in custody and will be questioned about terrorist and criminal activities.

This operation is in support of ISAF's continued commitment to assist the Afghanistan Transitional Authority in creating a stable and secure Kabul and its environs. The carrying out of this arrest has been in order to prevent terrorist and criminal activities by individuals against the people of Afghanistan and ISAF.

On 11 August NATO took over command of the UN-mandated ISAF force, which is responsible for providing security in and around Kabul. The force currently numbers more than 5,500 troops from over 31 NATO and non-NATO countries.