Updated: 07-May-2003 May 2003

3 May 2003


Conclusion of Operation Display Deterrence

The last elements of NATO forces deployed to protect Turkey as part of Operation Display Deterrence left the country on 3 May, 65 days after the deployment began on 26 February.

On 30 April 2003, the Commander in Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe, Admiral Gregory G. Johnson, formally concluded the operation which has tested and proved the success of NATO’s military to respond immediately and with appropriate defensive force to a rapidly developing threat against a member of the Alliance.

In support of Turkey’s forces and her people, NATO committed over 1000 technically advanced and highly capable forces. The NATO defensive deployment to Southeast Turkey started on 26 February when a NATO E3-A AWACS Early Warning aircraft conducted the first operational flight, in order to contribute to the integrity of the Turkish airspace. AWACS crews have flown about 100 missions and more than 950 flying hours.

PATRIOT missile systems from the Netherlands and United States also deployed to Turkey to complement the NATO's Integrated and Extended Air Defence System, confirming the Alliance's solidarity and commitment to the defence of the territorial integrity of one of its members.

The redeployment of NATO forces was conducted in close coordination with Turkish authorities.

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