Updated: 26-Mar-2003 March 2003

24 Mar. 2003


Exercise Cooperative Jaguar 2003

Around 500 troops from nine NATO and eight partner countries are participating in a command post exercise in Denmark, from 24 March to 4 April, named Exercise Cooperative Jaguar 2003 (COJA 03).

COJA 03 is a NATO-led combined joint crisis response operation that aims to improve interoperability between headquarters and units from different countries. It is training participants at two levels: operational and tactical and is covering a number of different areas. These include operational and crisis response planning, providing assistance to humanitarian operations, sustainability and force protection and security, as well as targeting and information operations.

COJA 03 is taking place at Karup Air Station and being conducted by Joint Headquarters North-east, under the command of Lt. General Jan Scharling.

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