Updated: 26-Mar-2003 March 2003

20 Mar. 2003


Round Table on Prevention and Mitigation
of Societal Disruption

New threats and challenges to society such as food chain security, environmental crime, risk communication and national perspectives on response structures and threats, and ways of identifying areas of common interest for future work in these areas, were discussed at a Round Table at NATO HQ on 20 March.

This was a first Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) Round Table discussion on Prevention and Mitigation of Societal Disruption. It was organised by NATO's Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) and was attended by seventy-eight experts and high-level officials from thirty-four NATO and Partner countries. These included representatives from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the European Union.

The event provided a forum for exchange of views and sharing of knowledge against new threats to security among NATO and Partner countries and aimed to build synergies and look for a collective response to these issues. In order to have an insight into the specific topic of food chain security, national representatives agreed to launch a CCMS pilot study on this topic and to further explore the opportunities for common work in the field of environmental issues within the framework of CCMS.

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