Updated: 02-Apr-2003 March 2003

19-20 Mar. 2003


Workshop on detection of explosives in anti-terrorism

A workshop on the "Detection of Explosives for Anti-Terrorism Purposes" took place in Moscow on 19-20 March. It provided an opportunity for researchers from East and West to share their experiences and learn about different approaches to research and planning in order to advance future investigations in the field of vapour and trace detection of explosives.

Among the issues examined were the different methods of detection for terrorist bombs compared with landmine clearance; detection of traces of explosives by means of sniffer dogs; freight screening trace detection; and the potential for a robotic "Electronic Nose" to be used as a vapour-based detector for explosive packages.

Organised with the support of the NATO Science Programme, the workshop was co-directed by experts from the Russian Federal Security Service and the Fraunhofer Chemical Technology Institute, Germany.

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