Updated: 19-Mar-2003 March 2003

14 Mar. 2003


Building security through media
in the Baltic Sea region

A seminar held in St. Petersburg on 14 and 15 March examined the prospects for creating a common information space in the Baltic Sea region as a means of improving regional security and cooperation.

The event brought together political analysts, editors and journalists from Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as NATO officials to discuss whether the media could help build a common information space and how this would help to overcome misconceptions and mistrust.

The organisers argued that this could be done by setting appropriate norms and regulations, but participants challenged this notion. Speaking on behalf of NATO, Alliance Spokesman Yves Brodeur underlined that standards were an unrealistic notion and often marked the first step towards censorship. The participants also debated whether or not the creation of a common information space could be guided through the development of infrastructure or if it would develop naturally, as driven by demand and investment.

The event was organised by the Baltic Club of St. Petersburg, the “Rosbalt” Information Agency, the Centre for Integration Research and projects and co-sponsored by NATO’s Office of Information and Press.

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