Updated: 25-Feb-2003 February 2003

13-15 Feb. 2003


Reserve officers hold 55th mid winter conference

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) held its 55th mid winter conference at NATO HQ, 13-15 February.

CIOR is focusing on the utilisation of reserve forces deployed in peacekeeping operations for example in the Balkans. It is engaged in studying the role of reserves in military operations to include peacekeeping and nation-building, explained the President of CIOR, Giuseppe Imbalzano, from Italy.

CIOR represents over 800,000 reserve officers in NATO member countries, and is tasked by NATO to provide advice on reserves. Its forges links between reservists and NATO military authorities, and encourages ties between Reserve forces from the various participating countries, as well as the creation of organisations for reserve officers in PfP countries. Imbalzano added that "CIOR is engaged in modernising its structure and methods in order to better respond to the geopolitical landscape. CIOR's unique contribution to NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme has taken on added importance since the NATO enlargement decision taken during the Prague Summit".

The CIOR was created in 1948. It meets twice a year and organises a number of activities including workshops for young reserve officers, seminars and language courses. It also has a number of commissions and committees that focus on issues such as civil-military cooperation, strategic planning, Partnership for Peace and communications.

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