Updated: 12-Feb-2003 February 2003

10-21 Feb. 2003


Winter Academy 2003

This year's Winter Academy will focus on "NATO and the new security system in Europe", covering the historical, military, economic and political dimensions of the subject.

The event is being held in Moscow from 10 to 21 February, allowing for in-depth discussions and exchange of information between leading security experts and young postgraduate students from Russia's regions, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

The Winter Academy is organised by the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (INION) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is a combination of lectures and seminars, which has been held for the past five years. In previous years, the event focused on the inter-relationship between Russia, NATO and the EU (2002), transatlantic relations within the framework of NATO (2001), relations between NATO, Russia and Central and Eastern European countries after the Cold War (2000) and the evolution of the NATO since 1949 (1999).