Updated: 04-Dec-2002 November 2002

25 Nov. 2002


Observing human rights

Cadets at the Ryazan Airborne Academy of the Russian Armed Forces took part in a two-day conference, co-sponsored by NATO's Office of Information and Press, on The role of the armed forces in observing human rights in the settlement of non-international conflicts, 25-26 November. The aim was to instruct future officers in the laws of armed conflict.

The conference was held in Ryazan, south-east of Moscow, at the Ryazan Airborne Academy, which was an appropriate venue since Ryazan paratroopers have contributed to Russian contingents in the peacekeeping forces in the Balkans, and are present in Chechnya.

Officers, civilians and Russian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) also participated in this event, which was organised by the NGO, "Armed Forces and Society", headed by retired General Nikita Chaldymov, a member of the Russian Human Rights Commission. Speakers included officers and representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as law professors and other academics. The Director of the NATO Information Office in Moscow, the only foreign participant, was invited to brief on NATO-Russia relations. There were approximately 350 participants.

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