Updated: 27-Nov-2002 November 2002

25 Nov. 2002


Discussing the enhancement of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue

Ambassadors from NATO member countries and the seven Mediterranean Dialogue countries met on 25 November to discuss the important decisions adopted by NATO Heads of State and Government at the Prague Summit last week.

The members of the North Atlantic Council and the Brussels-based Ambassadors from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia discussed, in particular, the enhancement of the political and practical dimensions of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue, endorsed by NATO’s Heads of State and Government at the Summit. This enhancement will address security matters of common concern and result in more regular consultations and a greater number of cooperative activities such as conferences, high-level visits, training, military exercises and other forms of cooperation.

This is the fourth meeting of its kind held at Ambassadorial level in the 19+7 format (19 member countries + seven Mediterranean Dialogue participants). Previous meetings were held on 23 October 2001, 9 January 2002 and on 22 May 2002.

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