Updated: 25-Nov-2002 November 2002

21 Nov. 2002


Lord Robertson addresses Youth summit


On the first day of the Alliance’s Summit meeting in Prague, NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson addressed young students who are holding their own summit in the city.

The Prague Atlantic Student Summit, 20-23 November, has brought together almost 180 university and graduate-level students from 37 European countries to discuss the future of NATO.

“Today and tomorrow we [Heads of State and Government] will set the Alliance on course for the 21st century,” said NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson, “But everyone talking or listening next door must keep in mind that this 21st century is your century. For you are the leaders of tomorrow.”

During the four-day event, the students will meet with top NATO leaders, including United State President George W. Bush, Czech President Vaclav Havel, NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson, General Joseph W. Ralston, Supreme Allied Commander, and others.

They will also participate in a “Model NATO simulation” which will allow the students to gain insights into the decisions and processes that are at the core of Alliance cooperation.

The event is organized by the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), Atlantic Council of the United States, the Czech Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise and Radio Free Europe.

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