Updated: 20-Nov-2002 November 2002

20 Nov. 2002


NATO Secretary General addresses
conference on NATO’s transformation

NATO has not only been at the centre of change, it has also promoted and shaped this change, and will do so again during these meetings underlined Lord Robertson on the eve of the Alliance’s Summit in Prague.

The Secretary General was speaking at a conference on “Europe’s transformation since 1989” organised by the Berlin Aspen Institute and the Prague Summit NATO Host Committee. The conference is one of the side events of NATO’s Summit meeting in Prague, 21 and 22 November.

“Tomorrow, NATO's role in countering the new threats of the 21st century will be fleshed out still further,” said the Secretary General.

This transformation will include a new military concept for defence against terrorism, a NATO Response Force and measures aimed at improving the Alliance’s military capacity for modern warfare – the Prague Capabilities Initiative, Lord Robertson said. NATO Heads of State and Government will also invite one or more aspirant countries to join the Alliance.

This will be the 16th Summit meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government in the Alliance’s history.

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