Updated: 13-Nov-2002 November 2002

9 Nov. 2002


NATO-Russia cooperation
and the war on terrorism

The Volgograd Regional Public Foundation for the Prevention of Conflict and Crisis Situations organised a two-day conference, 9-10 November, in Volgograd to discuss the nature and perspectives of NATO-Russia relations in the framework of the war on terrorism. In pursuit of this goal, more than seventy participants from the regional government, universities, NGOs and local media outlets were assembled.

Given the recent tragic events in Moscow, the conference's agenda was highly topical. Participants engaged in an active and frank discussion of Russia's fight against terrorism and examined how NATO and Russia can jointly address the threat using the NATO-Russia Council as a forum for discussion and joint action. Although the conference agenda sought to focus on this issue, a debate over new capabilities quite naturally shifted discussions to the approaching Prague Summit and its implications for Russia.

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