Updated: 08-Nov-2002 November 2002

4 Nov. 2002


NATO Secretary General visits Berlin

Lord Robertson travelled to Berlin on 4 November to meet with Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and discuss key issues on NATO’s agenda ahead of the Prague Summit.

The Alliance’s enlargement and its transformation to meet new challenges and threats, including terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, were the main topics discussed. On 21 and 22 November, NATO Heads of State and Government will meet in Prague to take far-reaching decisions regarding the Alliance’s future roles and capabilities.

The Secretary General also spoke about the Prague agenda at the conference "Forum Bundeswehr und Gesellschaft" organised by the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Transforming the Alliance

“The Prague Summit will demonstrate why the Alliance will retain its value. It will ensure that NATO's transformation will make a quantum leap forward,” said the Secretary General.

Lord Robertson explained that while Prague will not turn NATO into the world’s anti-terrorist organisation, Heads of State and Government will unveil a major enhancement in the Alliance's capacity to fight terror and the threat of weapons of mass destruction.

The invitation of new member states and strengthening relations with non-member States and other international organisations are other key aspects of NATO’s transformation he said.

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