Updated: 24-Mar-2004 October 2002

28 Oct. 2002


NATO-Ukraine working group
discusses defence reform

The joint NATO-Ukraine working group on defence reform met in Yalta on 28 October to discuss the state of and prospects for defence reform in Ukraine.

The meeting, which brought together senior experts and officials from NATO and Ukraine, examined the progress made in 2002 and discussed priorities for 2003.

The signing of an agreement aimed at facilitating Ukrainian support for NATO-led operations, the destruction of surplus arms and munitions, and the strengthening of civil control of the armed forces were considered the major achievements of the past year. Co-operation extended beyond the ministry of defence and included Ukraine’s National Security Council, border guards and Parliament.

“There was progress last year and NATO will continue to provide assistance and expertise to support military reform in Ukraine,” said Edgar Buckley, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Planning and Operations.

Priorities for 2003 will include defence reform, the fight against terrorism, development of on-the-job training at NATO headquarters, destruction of surplus small arms and weapons and the implementation of agreements signed in 2002.

The joint working group on defence reform is part of the wider framework of the NATO-Ukraine partnership, established in 1997. The group provides a forum for NATO and Ukraine to discuss a broad range of defence issues and projects aimed at assisting Ukraine in military reform. The work of the group is one of the components of the new NATO-Ukraine Action Plan, currently being discussed by NATO and Ukraine.

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