Updated: 30-Oct-2002 October 2002

24 Oct. 2002


Novgorod conference examines
new threats to security

Experts and academics from the Russian Federation and NATO member countries discussed ways of tackling terrorism at a conference in Novgorod, Russian Federation, from 24 to 26 October.

Discussions focused on international co-operation in the fight against terrorism as well as the root causes of terrorism and its different forms. Participants also debated ways of identifying new threats to security such as cyber terrorism.

The conference was the second in a series of three conferences on terrorism co-sponsored by NATO’s Information Office in Moscow. The fight against terrorism is one of the priority areas for NATO-Russia co-operation agreed to by Heads of State and Government at the NATO-Russia Summit in May 2002.

The event was organized by the Universities of Novgorod (Russian Federation) and Strasbourg (France) and the region and city of Novgorod.

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