Updated: 09-Oct-2002 October 2002

5 Oct. 2002


NATO peace support exercises

Three NATO military exercises are simultaneously taking place at the moment, covering an area stretching across from Estonia to Western Ukraine and down as far as the Ionian Sea.

Exercise Destined Glory 2002, which started on 5 October and is to end on 15, is an amphibious, maritime and power projection exercise held once a year. It involves land forces that will be operating in both Monte Romano near Rome and Capo Teulada, Sardinia, and maritime forces training in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. The twelve NATO member countries participating in the exercise are providing high readiness forces to tackle a peace support and crisis response scenario. The exercise is scheduled by Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH), Naples.

Exercise Cooperative Support 2002 is taking place in the Estonian capital Tallinn from 9 to 15 0ctober. It is a joint logistics exercise, organised around a seminar that is focusing on a peace support operation. There are ten NATO member countries and fifteen Partner countries participating in this exercise, as well as one of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue partners - Jordan- which is attending as an observer. The overall aim of the exercise is to improve military cooperation and interoperability between participants.

The third exercise, Exercise Cooperative Adventure Exchange 2002, is being held at the Yavoriv Training Centre in Western Ukraine, 7-18 October. The exercise brings together NATO and Partner mobile land forces to work with other headquarters and units, within a peace support operation scenario. Military personnel from 12 NATO and six Partner countries are participating in this exercise, which comes under the command of Joint Command Southeast, Izmir, Turkey.

The Yavoriv Training Centre is one of NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) training centres and was officially designated as such in March 1999. These centres offer courses and training facilities for NATO and Partner countries to conduct military exercises together. So far, six other centres of this kind have been set up in Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Romania respectively.

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