Updated: 16-Aug-2002 August 2002

16 Aug. 2002

Pursuing suspected war criminals
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The NATO-led Peace Stabilisation Force in Bosnia and Herzgovina (SFOR) concluded today, 16 August, a large-scale operation to pursue information concerning the indicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic.

The 36-hour operation, which involved hundreds of SFOR soldiers, more than 100 vehicles and a dozen helicopters, was aimed at verifying information related to Radovan Karadzic's support network in south-east Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General John B. Sylvester, Commander of SFOR, said, "Our intelligence about the illegal support network used by Radovan Karadzic improves by the day, by the hour."

"This week's operation sheds more light into the dark corners of that network and has drawn us a better picture of his movements, the help he gets and those who help him. Now we'll decide when and where to exploit this new information."

Verifying information

A large amount of information concerning Radovan Karadzic's base of operation in southern Republika Srpska has been received by SFOR in the past months. SFOR considered this information significant enough to warrant additional ground and helicopter patrols in the area.

"Officials from the Republika Srpska have been co-operative with SFOR and I urge them to continue this co-operative attitude," said Lt. Gen. Sylvester.

In line with its mandate, SFOR is authorised to search for and detain indicted war criminals. So far, 82 out of 103 persons indicted for war crimes have been brought to justice.

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