Updated: 21-Aug-2002 August 2002

12 Aug. 2002

Suspected extremists detained in Kosovo

Six individuals suspected of involvement in armed ethnic extremist groups in Kosovo were detained by KFOR, the NATO-led peacekeeping force, in operations carried out on Monday, 12 August 2002.

All those detained were considered to pose an immediate threat to security and stability in the region. The arrests were carried out as part of KFOR's fight against criminal and illegal activity in the region and the global fight against terrorism.

"KFOR will not tolerate, in any way, activities that disrupt the peace and stability in Kosovo and we will curtail criminal and extremist actions wherever and whenever we find them," said the KFOR Spokesman, Wing Commander Drew Anderson.

Under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, KFOR is responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment in Kosovo.

From 10-12 August, KFOR also carried out its sixth Kosovo-wide cordon and search operation, "Iron Fist VI", during which a number of illegal weapons and military equipment were found and seized.

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