Updated: 07-Aug-2002 Week of 29 July - 4 August 2002

2 Aug. 2002

Change of command
at Eastern Atlantic Headquarters

On 2 August 2002, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band (United Kingdom) took over command of NATO's Eastern Atlantic Headquarters in Northwood, United Kingdom. He replaced Admiral Sir Alan West, who held the post since 2000.

The Regional Headquarters Eastern Atlantic is one of three regional headquarters of NATO's Allied Command Atlantic, responsible for preserving peace and security in the Atlantic area.

The Commander-in-Chief Eastern Atlantic is responsible for the administration and operation of NATO's Standing Naval Force Atlantic, which is based at the Eastern Atlantic Headquarters.

He or she also serves as Commander of the Allied Naval Forces North belonging to Allied Command Europe.

Admiral Sir Alan West leaves the Headquarters to take over the position of First Sea Lord in the British navy.

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