Updated: 24-Jul-2002 Week of 15-21 July 2002

19 July 2002

Blaze affects power supply in Kosovo

Through co-ordinated efforts, a major fire was extinguished at one of Kosovo's main power stations during the night of 19 July. Forces from KFOR, UNMIK, UNMIK Police, the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) and the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) managed to control the fire, which spread rapidly.

The fire broke out at the Kosovo 'B' Power Station in Obeliq, just East of Pristina. Fire-fighters and medical units were immediately dispatched to the area and a cordon of 1.2 km was established to limit the extent of the damage. However, despite the efforts made, the KFOR Spokesman, Wing Commander Drew Anderson, stated that there would be a reduction in power output throughout Kosovo over the next few months.

As well as the fire engines and ambulances that were sent to the scene, helicopters were dispatched to provide a "Nightsun" spotlight. The KFOR spokesman said that the incident had highlighted the capacity of organisations working in the field to co-ordinate their efforts effectively: "While there will always be lessons to learn when an incident of this magnitude takes place, it is heartening to see that with leadership, close cooperation, co-ordination, determination and professionalism, major incidents such as that seen on Friday evening can be brought swiftly to a conclusion".

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