Updated: 24-Jul-2002 Week of 8-14 July 2002

11 July 2002

Seminar on terrorism in Russia

"War on Terror: the challenge and policy options" was the theme of a seminar organised in St Petersburg from 11 to 16 July. The event was part of a Summer School programme on "Values and Interests in Politics", and focused on the challenge and implications of the 11 September terrorist attacks.

Participants from different regions of Russia attended the seminar, as well as NATO and Russian officials, military representatives and journalists. The event was organised by the Institute of International Affairs, St Petersburg, a non-governmental organisation specialised in Russian foreign policy, world politics and economics. It was co-sponsored by NATO.

The seminar examined the operation in Afghanistan, other fronts that could be opened up to fight terrorism, as well as the impact of terrorism on the Alliance's strategy and its relations with Russia. It also gave the opportunity for participants to assess current policies in place, discuss the Russian position on the matter, examine the impact of last year's terrorist attacks on Russia's engagement into the "Western community" and discuss the growing dilemma between tightening security measures and activities and the respect of human rights and democratic values.

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