Updated: 10-Jul-2002 Week of 24-30 June 2002

30 June 2002

Weaponry cache discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina

During operation "Bear" lead by SFOR troops in Republika Srpska, a weapon cache was discovered comprising an anti-aircraft gun, rocket launchers, hand grenades, an antipersonnel mine and other weaponry and ammunition.

The operation was lead by Spanish troops, with the help of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, in a small town called Plana, north of Bileca.

It was part of Project Harvest, an initiative launched by SFOR in 1998 to collect unregistered weapons and ordnance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Civilians are encouraged to hand in weapons, explosives and ammunition in order to contribute to creating a safer and more secure environment. The deadline for Project Harvest has been extended indefinitely.

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