Updated: 04-Jul-2002 Week of 24-30 June 2002

25 June 2002

Flood prevention and response in Ukraine

On 25 June, the results of the assessment phase of the Ukraine-NATO Pilot Project on Flood Prevention and Response in the Trans-Carpathian Region were presented to the Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee. This marked the completion of Phase One of this Joint Ukraine-NATO project which was developed to improve the early flood warning systems and flood mitigation measures in the areas of Ukraine which have suffered from severe flooding in past years.

During Phase one of the project, NATO set up an Expert Task Force composed of over forty experts from twelve different countries, to make an assessment of Ukraine's existing flood management system and to recommend specific ways to improve it. The final assessment report covers areas such as geo-spatial data for flood reduction, hydro-meteorological data and network, flood monitoring and forecasting, flood management and emergency management.

The successful conclusion of the first phase of the project represents a major achievement in giving effect to the NATO-Ukraine Memorandum of Understanding on Civil Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness. The Project has demonstrated how a relatively small investment in terms of resources, combined with an emphasis on practical regional cooperation, can go a long way towards making tangible improvements to the security and safety of the population at large.

During Phase Two of the Project the recommendations from NATO's Expert Task Force will be implemented, leading to the establishment of a powerful flood management system in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries. It is expected that the new and improved flood response system will save lives and property during future flood events.

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