Updated: 12-Jun-2002 Week of 10-16 June 2002

12 June 2002

Conference on conflict prevention and terrorism

Lord Robertson was invited to a conference on "Conflict Prevention and Combating Terrorism" organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), in Lisbon on 12 June. The conference was divided into two main sessions: one focusing on the role of international and regional organisations and the other on combating terrorism.

Portugal currently holds the presidency of the OSCE and has made the fight against terrorism one of its main priorities. High-level government officials including the Foreign Ministers of Spain, Josep Piqué, and of the Netherlands, Jozias van Aartsen, attended the conference, as well as high-level representatives from other international organisations.

During his visit, Lord Robertson also had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Portugal, José Manuel Durao Barroso. They discussed NATO's adaptation to new security threats, and in particular, efforts being made to adapt capabilities to the threat of terrorism. They also talked about NATO's relations with the OSCE and the cooperation of the two organisations in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1). Other issues including NATO-EU relations and recent developments in the Alliance's relations with Russia were also covered.

Additional information:
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  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.