Updated: 19-Jun-2002 Week of 10-16 June 2002

10 June 2002

Exercise Clean Hunter 2002

An annual live air exercise, Clean Hunter 2002, started on 10 June and is to finish on 21 June. It is being held in an area stretching from Southern Germany to mid-Norway and from the United Kingdom to mid-Poland. It also extends across Northern France and involves participants from 12 NATO member countries.

The aim of the exercise is to give participants from these different countries the opportunity to train together in the planning and conduct of major co-ordinated live air operations. Various types of aircraft are being used to undertake a wide range of tactical air operations, while land and sea exercises are being run at the same time to allow for joint planning and operations to be practised between the three armed forces.

The exercise is scheduled and conducted by the Commander of Allied Air Forces North (COMAIRNORTH), based in Ramstein, Germany.