Updated: 24-May-2002 Week of 20-26 May 2002

21 May 2002

Exercise Dynamic Mix 2002

A live, computer-assisted exercise called Dynamic Mix started on 21 May and will last until 6 June. The aim of this biannual exercise is to maintain troop readiness in NATO's southern region to respond immediately to any crisis. Exercise Dynamic Mix 2002 is therefore training personnel in command and control procedures and communications interfaces during crisis response, collective defence and humanitarian assistance operations.

The exercise is taking place in Spain (the Canary Islands included), the Western Mediterranean, the Southeast Atlantic and Turkey, and involves approximately 15 000 personnel from fourteen NATO member forces. Personnel from the NATO Airborne Early Warning Force, the Standing Naval Forces and Allied headquarters are also participating.

Exercise Dynamic Mix 2002 is under the command of the Regional Headquarter Allied Forces South Europe (AFSOUTH) based in Naples. Exercise Damsel Fair 2002 -an annual mine-countermeasures exercise- is also being integrated into the exercise.

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