Updated: 24-May-2002 Week of 20-26 May 2002

21 May 2002

Large-scale fire-fighting exercise in Croatia

Exercise Taming the Dragon - Dalmatia 2002, one of the largest NATO civilian-military exercises, is taking place in southern Croatia, 21-24 May. It is an international fire-fighting exercise which is being conducted in South East Europe, a region which suffers regularly from wild fires. Croatia is hosting this exercise as part of its joint activities with NATO within the Partnership for Peace programme.

The overall aim of the exercise is to develop regional cooperation in South East Europe and train international disaster response elements to work together, including the Croatian Local Emergency Management Authority. It is also aiming to increase cooperation with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), as well as with fire-fighting, search and rescue, mountain rescue, water rescue and evacuation teams. In addition, participants will deal with the issue of public information in crisis situations.

A reported 2 000 participants from over 30 different countries are involved in the exercise, including teams from all the Balkan countries. NATO's Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre and the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Unit are playing a central role in the exercise, as well as the Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative of the Stability Pact, the UNOCHA and NATO's South East Europe Group. Daily bulletins are published, giving detailed information on the evolution of the exercise and events.

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