Updated: 17-Apr-2002 Week of 8 - 14 April 2002

12- 13 April 2002

NATO security seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A high-level seminar on "Partnership for Peace - Cooperation for Security" was held in Sarajevo on 12-13 April. Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the President of the Presidency, Beriz Belkic, were able to share their security concerns with NATO representatives, but more importantly to benefit from Hungary's experience of Partnership for Peace and NATO membership through presentations given by Hungarian security experts and by the Under Secretary of State from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Csaba Korösi, on defence reform and lessons learned.

NATO representatives were also present, including the Commander of SFOR, Lt. Gen. John Sylvester, to explain the tasks and obligations involved in being a member of Partnership for Peace, while other speakers covered more general issues touching on international security concerns. Military practises, geopolitical circumstances and the process of arms reductions were also discussed, as well as international security after the 11 September terrorist attacks.

The seminar was held in the Parliament, Sarajevo, and was organised by the Manfred Wörner Foundation and Alliance for Security. It was co-sponsored by NATO.