Updated: 10-Apr-2002 Week of 8-14 April 2002

10-12 April 2002

Biannual civil emergency planning meeting

Heads of civil emergency planning and civil protection agencies from NATO and Partner countries will be meeting at NATO HQ, Brussels on 10-12 April. During this biannual meeting of NATO's Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (in plenary session), participants will discuss ways to improve preparedness against possible chemical, biological and radiological attacks against civilian populations, as well as other issues related to co-operation in the field of civil emergency planning. In particular, representatives will focus on the implementation of concrete measures identified last November in the Civil Emergency Planning Action Plan. The World Health Organisation will also contribute to the proceedings. Other topics to be discussed include two Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Co-ordination Centre (EADRCC) multinational field exercises, planned respectively in Croatia (May) and Russia (September), as well as cooperation with other international organisations in the area of civil emergency planning.

Heads of NATO civil emergency planning and civil protection agencies meet on a regular basis at NATO HQ. These agencies work in specialised fields and are the means by which NATO Civil Emergency Planning is carried out. They provide advice and support for the implementation of NATO decisions and programmes, complementing and forming an integral part of NATO's agenda.