Updated: 12-Apr-2002 Week of 8-14 April

9-10 April 2002

Lord Robertson in Washington D.C.

NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, has held a series of high-level meetings in Washington D.C., 9-10 April. He met with President George Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, National Security Advisor Dr Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Under Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Marc Grossman and other members of the US Administration involved in defence issues, as well as members of Congress. Discussions mainly focused on common threats to Europe and North America, including weapons of mass destruction and within this context, Iraq. Other issues covered were NATO's enlargement process, relations with Russia, the campaign against terrorism, the development of military capabilities and the possibility of launching a NATO feasibility study for a layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence to face new security threats.

During this trip, Lord Robertson also met with the Defense Writers Group and gave a speech at the Council of Foreign Affairs entitled "NATO on the road to Prague". The Prague Summit agenda will be further discussed on 15 April when US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Marc Grossman visits NATO HQ to brief the North Atlantic Council on the United States' views on this issue.

Additional information:

  • NATO Speech: Remarks by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson and US President George W. Bush after their Bilateral Meeting - 9 April 2002
  • NATO Speech "NATO on the Road to Prague" - Speech by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson at the Council on Foreign Relations Washington, DC, USA - 10 April 2002